EUR/USD Daily Forecast – Range Holds Ahead of US CPI

Euro-Holds-June-Range-Despite-Reports-of-ECB-Inflation-Downgrade_body_Screen_Shot_651Euro Holds June Range Despite Reports of ECB Inflation Downgrade

USDJPY-Snaps-Monthly-Opening-Range-Ahead-of-US-CPI-Fed-RhetorictofDS_body_Picture_4Forex and Gold Forecast with Market Analysis

EURUSD-Threatens-1.0600-Hurdle-Mixed-CPI-to-Encourage-Dovish-ECB_body_Screen_Shot_171EUR/USD Threatens 1.0600 Hurdle; Mixed CPI to Encourage Dovish ECB - Nasdaq

EUR-USD-Vulnerable-on-Slowing-Inflation--U.S.-2Q-GDP-Tops-Forecast_body_Picture_4EUR/USD Vulnerable on Slowing Inflation- U.S. 2Q GDP Tops Forecast

Bearish-EUR-USD-Outlook-Favored-Ahead-of-ECB-as-RSI-Holds-in-Oversold_body_Picture_2Bearish EUR/USD Outlook Favored Ahead of ECB as RSI Holds in Oversold

EURGBP-Holds-Support-Ahead-of-UK-CPI_body_Picture_1EUR/GBP Holds Support Ahead of U.K. CPI

EURUSD-to-Eye-May-Low-on-Strong-U.S.-Consumer-Price-Index-CPI_body_Picture_2EUR/USD to Eye May Low on Strong U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI)

EUR-USD-Capped-by-Monthly-Opening-Range--AUD-Retains-Bearish-Momentum_body_Picture_4EUR/USD Capped by Monthly Opening Range- AUD Retains Bearish Momentum

Falling-Inflation-Makes-Case-for-QE-Extension-Weakness-May-Remain_body_Picture_5Forex and Gold Forecast with Market Analysis

USDJPY-Rate-Forecast-Bearish-RSI-Signal-Emerges-Ahead-of-US-CPI_body_JPYForex and Gold Forecast with Market Analysis

Euro-Struggles-Ahead-of-Greek-Election--USD-CAD-Carves-Lower-Highs_body_Picture_4Euro Struggles Ahead of Greek Election- USD/CAD Carves Lower Highs

FOMC-Preview-EURUSD-Outlook-Hinges-on-Fed-Balance-Sheet-Reduction_body_EURUSDDailyChart01302019FOMC Preview: EUR/USD Outlook Hinges on Fed Balance-Sheet Reduction

eurusd-drops-to-support-us-dollar-range-expands-ahead-of-cpi-fomc-srepstans_body_eurjpydailychart3122018EUR/USD Drops to Support, USD Range Expands Ahead of CPI, FOMC

EURUSD-Initiates-Another-Bearish-Sequence-Ahead-of-FOMC-Meeting_body_Screen_Shot_482EUR/USD Initiates Another Bearish Sequence Ahead of FOMC Meetingv

GBP-USD-Retains-Bearish-RSI-Momentum-Ahead-of-UK-CPI--1.5900-on-Tap_body_Picture_3GBP/USD Retains Bearish RSI Momentum Ahead of UK CPI- 1.5900 on Tap?

Japanese-Yen-May-Gain-if-Uncertainty-On-Iran-Deal-Hurts-Sentiment_body_Picture_4Forex and Gold Forecast with Market Analysis, Best Forex Trading Platform(

us-dollar-price-outlook-usd-holds-support-to-start-big-week-forecast-jstanley47_body_usdollardailypricechart4292019US Dollar Price Outlook: USD Tests Support to Start Big Week of Data

EUR-USD-Daily-Forecast-January-10EUR/USD Jan. 10 - Rising Ahead of ECB Despite German Weakness | Forex Crunch

ECB-Cuts-Inflation-Forecasts-but-is-it-Enough-to-Quell-the-Euros-AdvancetofJS_body_Picture_1ECB Cuts Inflation Forecasts, but is it Enough to Quell the Euro’s Advance?

EURUSD-Feb22-week2EUR/USD Week Ahead Forecast: Recovery Back Inside Range After False Break Gives Bulls Hope

EUR-USD-Capped-by-Monthly-Opening-Range--AUD-Retains-Bearish-Momentum_body_Picture_3EUR/USD Capped by Monthly Opening Range- AUD Retains Bearish Momentum

EURUSD-Initiates-Bearish-Sequence-RSI-Flashes-Textbook-Sell-Signal_body_Screen_Shot_427EUR/USD Initiates Bearish Sequence, RSI Flashes Textbook Sell Signal

AUD-USD-Threatens-Bearish-RSI-Momentum-Ahead-of-RBA_body_Picture_4AUD/USD Threatens Bearish RSI Momentum Ahead of RBA

Strong-U.S.-Consumer-Price-Index-CPI-to-Tame-EURUSD-Resilience_body_ScreenShot025Strong U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) to Tame EUR/USD Resilience

us-dollar-price-bounces-from-chart-support-euro-price-pulls-back-us-cpi-outlook-forecast-srepstans_body_usdollarhourlypricechart10102018bUS Dollar, Euro Pull Back Ahead of US CPI

EURUSD-Rebound-Fizzles-Ahead-of-2017-High-Fed-Speak-EZ-CPI-on-Tap_body_Screen_Shot_324EUR/USD Rebound Fizzles Ahead of 2017-High; Fed Speak, EZ CPI on Tap

USDJPY-Outlook-Clouded-with-Mixed-Signals-Ahead-of-FOMC-MinutestofDS_body_Picture_1Forex and Gold Forecast with Market Analysis

us-dollar-holds-support-after-inflation-prints-at-one-year-highs-srepstans_body_eurusdfourhourchart4112018US Dollar Grinds at Support After Inflation Prints at One-Year Highs

gbpusd-price-swings-on-cpi-brexit-as-usd-digs-into-chart-support-forecast-outlook-srepstans_body_eurusdtwohourpricechart9192018cGBP/USD Swings on CPI, Brexit as the US Dollar Digs into Support

eurusd-price-holds-chart-support-ecb-usdcad-rally-two-month-price-highs-jstanley46-outlook_body_eurusdeighthourpricechart362019EURUSD Holds Support Ahead of ECB; USDCAD Rallies to Two-Month-Highs

EURUSD-September-30-2014-euro-dollar-end-of-quarter-technical-analysis-fundamenal-outlook-and-sentimentS&P/CS Composite-20 HPI | Forex Crunch

us-dollar-price-outlook-usd-holds-support-to-start-big-week-forecast-jstanley47_body_eurusdeighthourpricechart4292019US Dollar Price Outlook: USD Tests Support to Start Big Week of Data

EURUSD-Rate-Attempts-to-Break-Narrow-Range-as-ECB-Defends-QE-Program_body_ECBInflationForecast03182019EUR/USD Rate Attempts to Break Narrow Range as ECB Defends QE Program

EURUSD-Rate-Forecast-Bearish-Series-Brings-2019-2018-Low-on-Radar_body_ECBInterestRate03052019EUR/USD Rate Forecast: Bearish Series Brings 2019 & 2018 Low on Radar

EURUSD-October-3-2014-technical-analysis-currency-trading-after-ECB-before-NFP-200x240Forex Crunch • Trade Forex Responsibly

ECB-To-Announce-Start-of-Tapering-Will-Avoid-Any-SurprisestofME_body_Picture_1Forex and Gold Forecast with Market Analysis

EURUSD-March-30-2017-technical-chart-110x96Forex Crunch

EURUSD-September-22-26-2014-euro-dollar-technical-analysis-fundamental-outlook-and-sentiment-670x357EUR/USD Forecast | Forex Crunch

Australian-Dollar-Figthback-Can-ContinuetofDC_body_x0000_i1026Forex and Gold Forecast with Market Analysis

EUR-Outlook-Remains-Bearish--GBP-Threatens-Bearish-Trend-Ahead-of-BoE_body_Picture_3EUR Outlook Remains Bearish- GBP Threatens Bearish Trend Ahead of BoE

DXY-Index-Holds-Near-Yearly-Highs-Ahead-of-UK-No-Confidence-Vote-US-CPI_body_121218_DXYIndexDailyPriceChartDXY Index Holds Near Yearly Highs Ahead of UK No-Confidence Vote, US CPI - cyprosoftware

Japanese-Yen-May-Teeter-Between-USD-Gains-and-Risk-Trends_body_Picture_4Forex and Gold Forecast with Market Analysis

USDCAD-Extends-Advance-Ahead-of-Canada-Retail-Sales-CPI-Report_body_ScreenShot053USD/CAD Extends Advance Ahead of Canada Retail Sales, CPI Report

gbpusd-price-swings-on-cpi-brexit-as-usd-digs-into-chart-support-forecast-outlook-srepstans_body_gbpjpyfourhourpricechart9192018GBP/USD Swings on CPI, Brexit as the US Dollar Digs into Support

exchange-rates-today_EUR-GBPEuro To Pound Holds Yesterday's Gains, EUR GBP Exchange Rate Trades Above Key 0.8

GBPUSD-Remains-Capped-by-1.3200-Hurdle-Ahead-of-UK-3Q-GDP-Report_body_Screen_Shot_015GBP/USD Remains Capped by 1.3200 Hurdle Ahead of U.K. 3Q GDP Report

cpi-retail-sales-1024x163IQ OPTION Lithuania: USD/JPY Holds Range Ahead of US Inflation News

36a5h5EUR/USD Holds Above 200-Day SMA Ahead of Euro-Zone 1Q GDP Report

USDCAD-Bearish-Behavior-to-Persist-as-BoC-Alters-Policy-Outlook_body_Screen_Shot_100USD/CAD Bearish Behavior to Persist as BoC Alters Policy Outlook

us-dollar-price-action-chart-setups-as-usd-grasps-on-to-support-outlook-forecast-srepstans_body_usdollartwohourpricechart9132018bUS Dollar Price Action Setups as USD Grasps on to Support

EUR USD Chart News

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EUR/USD could trade at 1.10 before the end of the year, forecast at 1.15 on a 12M view – Rabobank

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EUR/USD Daily Forecast – Range Holds Ahead of US CPI

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